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What Is the Morty Pre-Approval? How Is It Different?

Part of our Pre-Approval Series

A mortgage pre-approval letter in-hand takes the stress out of house hunting. Instead of wasting your time looking at homes out of your price range—or worrying about whether you qualify for a mortgage at all—being pre-approved for a mortgage means you can conduct…

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Get HomeReady: An Affordable Mortgage Program You Might Have Missed

It’s not easy being a homebuyer in today’s market. If low inventory and high home prices weren’t enough, once record-low mortgage rates have risen to levels not seen since 2008. It’s enough to inspire anyone to consider all sorts of...

What Is a Rate Lock?

Part of Money Matters

Mortgage interest rates fluctuate daily, sometimes even from hour to hour. Market factors can send rates up one day and then back down the next. There’s no sure-fire way to know when rates will change – though there are plenty…

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The Morty Report: What the rate hike means for mortgages

Some mortgage rates crept above 6% this week, as the market reacted to higher-than-expected inflation data and sought to price in anticipated rate hikes coming out of this week’s Federal Reserve meeting.