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How to Buy a House With No Money Down in 2022

Part of Money Matters

Not parting with a chunk of change in the form of a down payment to buy a house — sounds like a dream, right? If you get the chance to put no money down for a home, you might feel…

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The Morty Report: What the rate hike means for mortgages

Some mortgage rates crept above 6% this week, as the market reacted to higher-than-expected inflation data and sought to price in anticipated rate hikes coming out of this week’s Federal Reserve meeting.

How Much Down Payment to Buy a House?

Part of Homebuying 101

When you want to buy a home, you may not know all the details involved, including how much of a down payment you need.  When it comes to mastering a task, such as learning to ride a bike or learning…

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Get HomeReady: An Affordable Mortgage Program You Might Have Missed

It’s not easy being a homebuyer in today’s market. If low inventory and high home prices weren’t enough, once record-low mortgage rates have risen to levels not seen since 2008. It’s enough to inspire anyone to consider all sorts of...