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The Morty Report: Are We Finally Catching a Break?

Not sure what to do? Ask Robert!We’ll address homebuyer FAQs each week. Submit your question for a chance to be featured in an upcoming newsletter. Email or find us on Twitter @HiMorty. What to do Want to lower your...

The Morty Report: Affordability down 29%

Stay in the loop. Click here to subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. Plus, check out The Morty Report archives to catch up on previous editions. Read more of Robert’s recent insights: In case you missed it The chart from Axios...

The Morty Report: Up in ARMs

May 19, 2022. Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) have made a surprising comeback as more homebuyers seek alternatives to 15- and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages.

The Morty Report Makes Sense of a Wild Week

Mortgage rates change quickly – and last week was no exception. Read what happened with the market, along with key takeaways from Wednesday’s Fed meeting and what it could mean for you in the long run.

The Morty Report: All Eyes on Affordability

April 22, 2022. Rising rates are still top of mind for many buyers, so I’ve taken another deep dive to help you find ways to remain competitive in the current market.

The Morty Report: Rates Continue on an Upward Climb

April 4, 2022. We’re talking about affordability, inflation and the spring housing. My priority is to share the info you need to know to make informed homebuying decisions.

The Morty Report: Welcome Aboard

March 25, 2022. I’ll share my take on what’s happening in homebuying. My goal is to cut through the noise and share takeaways to help you to make informed decisions.