You’ve pored over paperwork, you’ve searched, you’ve negotiated, and now it is finally almost over. It’s closing time, and you are very nearly the official owner of your new home!

But in those last few days before the deal is completely done, things can go wrong. Closings can be complicated. But they don’t have to be stressful. Check out these tips for a seamless and joyful home closing experience.

Make Sure the Home is Really Ready

Did the seller offer to make repairs? Then it’s up to you to double check that those repairs have been completed. Did you come across any last-minute condition issues or problems with previously agreed-upon repairs? You’ll want to address them immediately. If necessary, you can negotiate with sellers on issues that haven’t been addressed before closing time. You may be able to get sellers to pay a bit more of the closing costs to cover incomplete repairs, for example. Don’t move forward if there are problems that haven’t been addressed. It might take a little longer to close. But addressing issues with the seller before closing means you won’t be on the hook for those same problems after closing.

Get You Closing Funds in Order

The final closing costs for your new home can add up to a significant chunk of change. So make sure you’ve got your money ready. You’ll need to have a certified check ready or arrange to have the funds transferred by wire.

Start Planning for Renovations and Repairs Before You Close

You’ve probably got a list of things that you’ll want to do before your new house will feel like your new home. There’s no need to wait until closing is completed to start the hunt for painters or contractors. It can take some time to find really great service providers. Ask your friends or maybe your new neighbors for suggestions and leads. You can also check online—Thumbtack is a great place to find contractors and all sorts of service providers.

Change Your Address and Set Up Your Utilities

A change of address with the US Postal Service can take a week or two to go into effect. So you may want to submit the forms a little bit early—especially if you’re selling your current home to move into a new one. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and schedule dates to turn on the utilities in your new place. You don’t want to wait until a week after you move in for water, or even for internet.

Go ahead and schedule the movers

If you want to move into your new place right away, go ahead and schedule the movers as soon as you know your closing date. The best movers tend to be booked up quickly, especially if you’re moving in the summer or early fall. And even if you’re planning on moving yourself, you’ll still need to arrange for a rental truck or any other needed help or equipment. The sooner you’re ready to move, the sooner you’ll be enjoying your new home.

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